The MOFET Institute, The National Institute for Research and Program Development in Education is pleased to invite you to the Eighth International Conference on Teacher Education

The conference will be held face-to-face
at The MOFET Institute, 13 Shoshana Persitz St., Tel Aviv
26-27 JUNE 2023

In recent years the entire world, including the education system, has undergone rapid changes in its working practices, partially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This disruptive event invoked, amongst other things, a reevaluation of the processes of recruitment, training and professional development of teachers. Researchers, educators and policymakers are seeking new research-based work practices to guarantee quality teaching for all students.
The conference will bring together scholars, teacher educators, entrepreneurs and stakeholders from different countries, in order to strengthen and promote ways to deal with challenges in the Israeli education system. The conference will address the various issues from three different aspects:
• The local aspect
• The comparative-international aspect
• The entrepreneurial and evolving aspect
The conference will be conducted in English. More details to come

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